want to be there

The darling Jessica Watson is almost home and she says…

“The problem with this lovely weather and the amazing starry nights I’ve been getting, is that I’m really not sure I want the voyage to end! I could go on forever like this. One quiet day after another, doing things at my own pace with little challenges and problems to keep me busy. Except of course there’s also so, so many things I’m looking forward to when I get back home!”

Home is such a multilayered word!  My friend Nancy is rebuilding her home...

“My husband grows edible flowers, trick vegetables, lettuces, corn, squash, gourds, sugar snap peas, asparagus and potatoes. Just to name a few….

– we spent last summer and a lot of money remodeling our garage. Lord knows, we want our cars to be happy. All houses have stories and many of us are grateful the walls can’t talk.”

Fortunately CNN thinks romance novels are newsworthy.   Nathan Bradford feels it’s time to debate the funniest book of all time and Kristen Nelson knows there’s a difference between enhanced ebooks and multimedia projects.

For me, life is drama riddled as past events spiral into the present.   My main area of research is the DHS website.  In the story of my life, two of my daughters are facing traumas because they felt the men in their lives deserved one-more-chance and have been proved wrong.  AFOG.

Yet, on the other side of the globe in Aussie waters, dreams are achieved and all that matters is the stars, the waves, the peace.  It’s wonderful to know awesome events happen ever day.

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