so proud

There’s a strange sense of wonderful when you see a girl you knew best when she was a teen, and part of your daughter’s group, now a beautiful bride.  There were a few familiar faces at the wedding today, the girls I knew, who are now women striding forth into the lives of their choice.

As her wedding present to the bride and groom, our youngest daughter Lyndsay offered to cater the event.  She’s manager for a cafe and has worked many catered events.  Her sister Katelyn agreed to help with the spread, keep the trays full, and add the decorative touches, so Lyndsay could enjoy being part of the bridal party.

In my life there is a high level of drama in process surrounding our eldest daughter.  This made today extra special because we had to put all that aside and enter a celebration.  This is the benefit of having more than one child.

We walked into the hall with the large bag of forgotten tortilla chips.  We got first look at the amazing selection.  There were labeled sandwich platters,  shrimp, veggies, fruits, sauces, dips, desserts, a huge pasta salad and a delightful punch.  I was pleased to know the cheesecake and brownies were my own recipe.

The wedding ceremony was sweet then the party began.  Guests raved at the food, the flavors, the variety.  There were little bits on the trays when it was time to clean up and the groomsmen were happy to make those remains disappear.  The parents of the bride claimed the pasta salad.  The bride and groom left for Jamaica.  Lyndsay was tired but thrilled at the success of her first catered event, Katelyn had fun and applauded her sister.

I know children do not come into this world to prove their parents done good.  Yet I accepted compliments that my girls did such an amazing job with the food.   I did nothing except bring the chips today, on Friday I provided the parsley, oregano, white vinegar, and a recipe.   Lyndsay didn’t even use my kitchen or any of my trays.  Yet she catered a reception for 112 today, and she’ll be 21 in July.

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