7 Secrets

Got my copy today!   It was scheduled for release in August, instead I got it for my birthday.  🙂

Imagine my delight to read in Chapter 5, “The Clusters”  on page 95, para 3:

As writer Terri Patrick remarked on our blog, the message of 11:11 is about illumination and enlightenment.  “From what I’ve seen, anyone who pays attention to repetitive numbers usually begins a journey to determine the meaning of these numbers.”  Interestingly, her comment was the eleventh one under an entry entitled #11, and it was sent during the eleventh hour of the evening.

How cool is that?  I’m an example that the synchronicity of recurring numbers is significant.  And that’s just a tiny ripple in the pond of ideas shown in this book.

Trish and Rob MacGregor have collected rich stories from people in all walks of life who pay attention to signs and coincidences that matter to them.  The book is informative and personable as it weaves many stories with philosophies and practical steps to enhance synchronicity in our days.  To do so makes living life so much more fun and poignant.

What’s awesome about this book is how it includes history, literature, science, technology, nature, and politics with stories of bicycles, t-shirts, jams, pets and TV shows.  All these connect through synchronicity to reveal a greater connection in our world that is often unnoticed.   This books shows the reader how to notice, and why it truly matters.

I began my blog in Jan 2009 with the intent to practice short prose that would be of interest to friends and family.  One of my posts appeared in the MacGreggor’s search engine and they posted my Harrison Ford Synchronicity on their blog on 2/23/2009.  It’s delightful to see the blog relationships I’ve developed with others since then, some are included in this book, like Jenean.  Her NDE story in 7 Secrets is as vibrant as her websites.

Get your copy today!

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