My friends Jane and Jenna both posted about their delight in reading this weekend.  I spent days reading too!  I took seven books with me for the holiday weekend.  Good thing!  I ended up with a sprained ankle so spent more time laying around than planned!

Here’s three novels I recommend:  (I was rather amused they all were generational family stories since that’s not what I expected from reading the blurbs!)   These are all new-to-me authors and have extensive back-lists.

Skinny Dipping by Connie Brockway – Full of great visuals, quirky characters, pampered dogs, a few voices from beyond, and the reader gets to stay with them through all four seasons.   I liked that because it offered a greater level of character development than many novels set in a time frame of a few weeks.

Temptation Ridge by Robyn Carr – Book 6 in the series and I didn’t have problems meeting a whole town of people and keeping them straight.  It was fun because there were so many stories going on.  🙂

The Lost Hours by Karen White:  This was a fascinating story with layers upon layers of secrets, injuries, mysterious deaths and historical twists from 70 years ago, still affecting lives today…  The writing style is awesome.

I also read a few stories from tails of love; an anthology of romance stories with furry tails front and center.   A portion of the proceeds are being donated to Animal Adoption Foundation.

Happy reading!

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Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

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