the working writer

Follow up with Jessa Slade and her bad-bad-hero issues.  Novelists know they are playing with fire when they introduce a secondary character, it may be really hard to keep that character in check as they develop of life of their own beyond the authors intent.  Sometimes these characters, who are designed to fulfill a role in one story, refuse to be tamed and begin to flex and grow.  The author will then have to deal with this character in the future as readers may not be pleased with a brutal demise.

Tess Gerritsen intended to kill off Det. Jane Rizzoli when she first appeared, instead Jane is now a series player and soon to be a TV icon with Dr. Maura Isles.

In other news, I’m attending a workshop presented by Jessica Morrell on Saturday and know I need to learn more about Bullies, Bastards & Bitches in fiction.  However, I cringed at Ms. Morrell’s blog post today:  “As a writer, even if you’re writing novels, you need about five pockets of warmth to launch your career.”  Without those pockets, writers need a day-job.  For myself, I’ve had such a variety of day-jobs that I know what types fuel my creative energy instead of just providing creature comforts to my life.

My sprained ankle is improving and I’m using this physically limited time wisely.  I’ve been reading lots of books and contemplating my writing career.   🙂  But, the message that is coming to me through articles, poems and other venues, is about the importance of friends.

Which means –  my friends are my pockets of comfort.  Friends are untamed with a life of their own and friends fuel my creative energy.  It’s time to stop worrying about when, where, how and what-should-be my focus as a working writer.  Instead I’ll relax and delight in the WHO are in my life.  How fun!

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