summer is in the stars

Happy Solstice!   We had the heater on this morning but I refuse to be cold and am wearing a sleeveless top.  It’s the wettest, coldest June on record for Portland, Oregon but I had to open the windows and turn on fans when I burnt our burgers for lunch.  I was distracted with phone calls about pending vacation plans.  Not even a cloud of smoke and char stains on a favorite pan can dilute my good mood.  🙂

This past weekend I attended a girls slumber party with new friends and there was enough laughter to make my abs tight.  From now on I’ll skip sit-ups and crunches and include more rollicking good fun.  This should be possible for most of the next two weeks as my sister Rose arrives in less than 48 hours.  We’ll begin in Manzanita for the Summer in Words Conference and continue the fun and family festivities through the 4th of July.   This will include camping in Pine Hollow and taking siestas to stay awake for views of the Milky Way.

Movie recommendation:  The Book of Eli – I’m not into post-apocalyptic stories but this has some cool twists and I love Denzel Washington.

I’ve added a Category Cloud to my blog so you can click on the Books & Movies link for other recommendations.  🙂  If you’re a romance or women’s fiction writer, there’s an awesome contest for your WIP which offers three read/reviews and great final round judges.  Happy writing!

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