the return

I took my sister Rose to the airport this morning for her return to life in Ohio.   Later, I returned my sister Sherri’s borrowed quilt and prescription sunglasses that were forgotten as we shared wine and memories together last night.  Between these two trips, I had my roots touched up.  As the youngest sister it isn’t fair I’ve got this big gray patch on the top of my head, but now my vibrant locks have returned.  🙂

Rose brought me a record, “The Ten Commandments – song for little children – The Seven Sacraments” Copyright, 1956.  Good Grief!  I barely glanced at the cover and instantly started singing the words to the songs!

The second record Rose brought out of the past has a date of 1967, and our eldest brother is in the picture of Novices who are the voices on this collection of Folk Music for Mass.  In a special box on the back is this explanation:   “This is a FLEETWOOD COMPATIBLE stereo record.  Although the special perspective of stereo will not be heard the stereo information will not be erased when played on a monaural phonograph but will be revealed in subsequent reproduction on a stereo instrument.   In this manner the present owner of a monaural phonograph can be building a collection of stereophonic recordings anticipating the further purchase of a stereophonic phonograph.”

Did I mention I love history?  How awesome that a recording company was assuring the BUYER that the product would sound fine on their equipment but sound better when the buyer has a new stereo…   Technology has taken us from stereos to Iphones in barely four decades and any assurance to the buyer that the product will work on their current equipment no longer exists.

As sisters, we spent days unplugged from technology and savored the sweetness of being together.  I’m wallowing in memories and am thrilled my sisters are so individual, and all three of us feel we’ve turned down the noise of life for the moment and reconnected with our core selves, maybe even our essence.

We may not sound good on a stereo but the title of the album is:  “When the Spirit says Sing”.  Which is sort of dorky but feels right because we don’t need technology when we return to spirit and sing.  Which we didn’t do in public, or private because our voices don’t blend well, but our spirits did and our spirits savor the music of our lives even more when shared in harmony.

We are mothers, grandmothers, wives, daughters, friends, sisters.  Just the three of us and all our roles in life is a symphony.  And sometimes, like these past two weeks, we’re in tune and on key!

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