family events

This weekend I attended a baby shower, a wedding, and an aviation fundraiser.  The baby shower and the wedding may seem like compatible family events but they were so different it was a good balance for me to hang with wingnuts.

The blueberry pancake breakfast is always fun and I love the brotherhood flavor of pilots.  I affectionately call the pilots in my life – wingnuts. Single engine aircraft and airshows have been part of my life for thirty years.  This pancake breakfast carries the same flavor for me as if attending an annual family event, there’s a lot of reconnecting and catching up on news.

Baby showers and weddings are one time events, and both the expectant mother and the bride call me Aunt.  But the baby shower was hosted and attended by a large number of Mormon women and the wedding had a Bohemian flavor.

So, on Saturday afternoon I sat within a large circle of girls and women from 12 to 72.  The home was very spacious and beige, accented with dark wood and leather furniture.  We all oohed and aahed at tiny clothes, plush toys and handmade quilts.  We played nursery rhyme games and ate delicious banana cake.  There was strawberry lemonade to drink.

On Sunday, the wedding was in a huge pavilion in a state park.  The river scenery was awesome and the decorations on the tables were black and white.  There was a skeleton theme and the tag line, “Til death do us part is for quitters”.  The ceremony began with a belly dancer and the bride arrived to the lyric tones of an oboe playing the theme from the movie, “Jaws”.  The reception included a hula-hoop dancer and there was lots of color in the body art displayed on the guests.  Wine and beer flowed, the food was scrumptious and vegetarian, and three couples took center stage for a “Newlywed Game”.

These three events in one weekend was a wonderful chance for me to celebrate the diversity that family has brought into my life.  I enjoyed all three events, and I delighted in the new and familiar people I met at all of them.  I adore both of these young women that call me Aunt, and they know and love each other though their lives would never blend.  I also adore the wingnuts flavor in my life.

I’m sure I’ll consider all the events of this weekend for many hours, days, months, years.  I’m sure there is something awesome to learn from such diversity.  I am not Mormon, Bohemian or a wingnut but I am fascinated they are all individuals I call My Family and they are all passionate about their lives and interests.

I feel blessed that I am not required to choose one flavor over the other.  The Mormon Mom and the Bohemian Bride love me as their Aunt though there are no blood ties between us.  These two awesome women also welcome that I am married to a wingnut, though neither has ever had a flight in his airplane.

We are all family.  That’s what we celebrate.

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