a vacation?

I’ve got a touch of sunburn, had great water fun, and did lots of kayaking.  I think I was on vacation but the events that rolled over me this week were not entirely restful.  Fun times at the lake were interspersed with solving family dramas, meeting new friends, and planning future excursions.  It was a wild break in routine and has my energy fired up about new writing projects.

My NEO is loaded with tons of files to sort through!  This is still my favorite writing tool and has been for years but I think I’m only on my 3rd or 4th set of batteries.  Three AA batteries give me 750 hours and the 8 files hold tons of text.  Aside from my NEO, I’m now technically challenged because my primary laptop died and I’m juggling between an old laptop with no internet and the home computer that won’t download my email.

Within hours of being home, I’ve scheduled a family gathering, a cranial sacral session, a strategy meeting for a marketing workshop, and a day trip with visiting family – all this week.  We’re attending a memorial on Saturday and I’m receiving entries for the Golden Rose Contest.  Fortunately I’m only coordinating one category – not the whole contest.  🙂

Sans internet for the week, I arrived home to about 130 emails and 140 posts to blogs I follow but I’m really good at prioritizing so have already weeded that down to manageable levels.   I read four books this week but the best one I can’t recommend because it’s not published yet – I was a beta reader.  But it is by Minnette Meador who I highly recommend- especially her StarSight books.

If a vacation is to recharge our inner batteries, I think this week really did that for me.  As a writer, I must refill the creative well with good books, and restful days, and taking the time to study my craft.  But there is nothing I love more than getting that bolt of passion for a story.  It means, it is time, this is the story…

Brainstorming days ahead!

Thanks for your comments.

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