Shifting routines

Our daughter caught Rainier’s spirit with this post on FaceBook.  🙂

A day in dog heaven: Wake up to chasing geese off the yard
exercise to playing fetch with a softball
a car ride with the head out a window
a nap under a tree.
Wake up to do some swimming (even if it is in circles)
…get a brush down afterward just for fun (no fleas or shedding in heaven).
Dinner is an unsupervised kitchen counter full of food (no raw meat tho)
Then off to sleep on a bed next to a loved one

It is weird entering a quiet house and leaving fresh baked brownies to cool on the counter without blocking them with the toaster and coffeemaker.  On Monday, Rainier got the left over cookie remains during the 30 seconds he was left alone in the house.  Only now do we see evidence of his progressing illness was probably overlooked for months.

Our grandsons brought flowers to put on the grave and we shared peanut butter cookies in Rainier’s honor.  The boys also tossed doggy treats into the trees in the back yard and plan to dream about Rainier sleeping in their bed.

I’m setting up this laptop, which may be temporary or could work great for months.  It’s another physical shift in my daily routine, no dog in the house, new keyboard and screen, new place to sit.  Today also begins my work on the Golden Rose Contest and I went to a meeting to plan a marketing workshop I’ll be co-presenting next Saturday.

There’s strong star energy right now and I know it aspects my natal chart.  I’m sure there will be interesting days ahead.  The glaze I always make to frost my brownies didn’t seem to cook right, but it looks and tastes fine.  These brownies are for a memorial, for a pilot friend.  This pilot was an old man when he died last December but he wanted his life to be celebrated when the weather was good and his friends could arrive by air.  As will happen tomorrow.

This past week also heralds the final stages of my daughter’s custody issues and both of her boys are again where they belong, together, with mom.   This custody story has been a bad-movie-plot for months but it’s a horror story I may write because it has a happy ending.

Yesterday was a good day because we spent it with family at the Oregon Garden but both Ed and I felt sad to know we didn’t have to be home to feed Rainier his dinner.  Shifts in routine, and the planets, and in the life of a child, take time.

There may be no geese in the yard when I get up in the morning but if there is the opportunity to take a nap under a tree, I intend to savor the experience.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

One Response to Shifting routines

  1. Rose says:

    Spread some more frosting on your day and lick your fingers. Savor the experience of sunshine, rain dance, moon mist and “eat the air, promise crammed”!!!


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