home improv

Improv – of, relating to, or being improvisation and especially an improvised comedy routine

Home improvements these past 13 years have been retold for laughs many times.   This past weekend we watched the video of when we bought this home.  Oh my, the memories!  The naivete!  Some planned improvements never happened, others are finally in the works.

Today the exterior of our home is being painted by the two who will be our newlyweds next year.  I just heard, “When we have a house to paint we are definitely doing it like this.”

This young couple will choose quality supplies, professional equipment, and take their time with a plan.  They’ll probably never paint themselves into a corner and need to shimmy down a tree, hear the clatter as tools slide off the roof, break a deck step with a branch cut from the tree, dump a pile of dirt through the cab of a rented Bobcat, make store runs mid-project for supplies or tools.  Then there was the time a crew arrived to pave our gravel drive.  All they needed was water near, and the well pump stopped working that moment.

I’m glad to turn our home improv projects over to the younger generation.  They are into rock climbing, snowboarding and have two dogs so will build the stories of their life from adventures.

I’m happy to begin new stories that don’t involve bent nails, extensive bandages, and paint splatters in my hair.

3 thoughts on “home improv

  1. Rose

    Paint splatters are wonderful expressions of being actively involved with …. OK, I forgot where I was going. I remember trying to get spackle out of my hair when I was plastering the ceiling.


  2. rose lefebvre

    I have seen some home improvements gone wrong. Can be a learning experience or a tale for family gatherings in the future!! LOL


  3. Our house looks awesome now – better than ever. And I don’t have any bruises, cramps, ruined clothes or stories to repeat for a chuckle. I really only stressed a little as Kate and Matt danced along roof lines and leaned out to paint overhangs…


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