pause, rethink, redo

I’ve had multiple techno challenges recently and just realized, Mercury is retrograde.  This explains a lot of the extra tasks I’ve been required to complete.  Lots of do-overs. I’ve taken a step back in technology time and am aware that what’s available to me today was the best available less than a decade ago.  I’ve been tasked to remaster skills forgotten.  I won’t say it’s been fun but I do like a challenge.

I read an email today where the intent proposed was to wipe the slate clean, and return to the original intent of 13 years ago.  What is “now” shows dynamic potential for the future, what was – was wimpy, rocky and raw.  Go back?  Disregard the personal investment of sweat, cash, time and effort – of many – to create what is?  What is “now” is why I even know anything about it.  Will I promote going back?  Not!

I’ve also been revising my manuscript because of a request to review it for publication that arrived before Mercury turned retrograde.  No, I won’t make excuses to delay submitting until Mercury turns direct in mid-September.   The request was to review and that’s what a retrograde is all about, the “re”.  I’ll finish my edits and send it off.  I’ll continue to work on my contest duties and make time to study photos of UFO shaped clouds.  Do I believe in UFO’s and aliens?  Yes.  Am I afraid?  No.

I feel assured I’m taking the right steps forward on a new journey. One sign is this blog post “Stop harping on what we can’t do and start thinking about who we are.”  There’s cool stuff to read in the comments too!  That’s one bonus to blogs, the immediacy and expansion of reader comments.  Maybe this interaction with readers is the next step in journalism.

We watched The Green Zone this weekend and this movie did make me pause and decide to rethink some of my own ideas on journalism, and the authors of terrorism, and where I get my information, and what ideas I form from what is presented by the news media.  This is a good activity for the mind under a Mercury retrograde!

Don’t stress the small stuff and treat yourself nice, that’s all you can do when the trickster is at play!

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

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