wanna be dancing

Daddy was the most amazing waltz partner.  When he and Mom were dating, they waltzed on roller skates.   Think of “Dancing with the Stars” in roller rinks.  Instead of dancing shoes, the couples wore skates that had the same laced boot as ice skates, and in-line roller blades, but had four wooden wheels.  It’s hard to imagine this type of ballroom waltzing could be graceful and romantic, but I have seen it done so can imagine my parents were awesome.

I recently had a chance meeting with someone I’ve known, sort-of,  for years.  This woman is best described as an acquaintance, someone known to me through the web of friends I’ve encountered because of my passion for books and love stories.   In a random passing moment it was confirmed, she’s an editor and I’m an author still in search of a home for my memoir of my parents love story.

I pulled my memoir off the shelf and plowed into the edits because the small press, where this friend is a sr. editor, has a nice website and the banner page is not full of erotic and vampire book covers.  This is good.  My parents wouldn’t be offended to have their story added to this list.  This has been an issue for me as I’ve researched potential publishers for my memoir.

So I dug into the edits already scrawled in red across pages, that I had delayed doing for months,  and I was suddenly aware of the dates on the calendar.  I had to hurry.  There was no way I could still be reading/editing those final chapters today.  Today, 8/26, my daddy died in a car accident five years ago.  Mom had preceded him by three months and one of the things we talked about at Dad’s funeral was that he and Mom were again ballroom dancing on roller skates.

Yesterday and today the delight in my life has been music.  Music flavored my childhood, as did awesome pies, savory meals, and hand-dipped chocolate candy.   But while the others tantalize my palate, it is music that nourishes my soul.  Whether classical on a piano, polkas on an accordion, or rock guitar music blasting in a school gym, music meant for dancing is what makes me feel full of life.   Yes, I am partial to string instruments though I do love a good band of wind and percussion instruments.  But when it comes to a piano or harp I’m suddenly in the clouds.  The harp, oh, the harp.

Today it was 60’s music.  The Beetles, Neil Diamond, The Beach Boys, and a whole pile of soul, performed by a local band at a concert in the park.  I was on my feet doing The Twist, the Mashed Potato, The Swim and a lot of body gyrations from that musical era when there were only four guitar chords and a lot of beat.

It was the perfect way to spend my evening.

I may pull on roller skates again some day, I was pretty good though not to ballroom levels.  It doesn’t matter, dancing is dancing no matter what the venue or where the music begins.

Thanks for your comments.

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