Passion and Success

It’s delightful when the same message is repeated, like the universe wants to make sure you get it.  Today’s theme is passion and success.

Check out:  Mike’s How to Have Whatever Success We Want and Polly’s Pursuing your Passion:  What fuels your life? Then Bill’s Measurable Value and Don’s Elements of Success offer more advice.  There were other posts on blogs I follow that spoke directly to my career plans and activities.  It made for a very enjoyable breakfast.

Then I ran some errands.  I turned on the radio in the car and the words of the song were direct answers to my thoughts.  I had to laugh and sing along.

Outside the post office, I stopped to chat with a man I’d  known in the past during the one year I coached my daughter’s softball team.  I’m wearing an old t-shirt sporting the statement:  “Baseball? I’m for any sport that involves a major league diamond.”  This shirt was in the bottom of my drawer, and it’s not my color, but for some reason I pulled it on today.  That synchronicity is even more fun because the message relates to my marketing plans which will include teamwork and potential “wins” for many of my friends.

I’ve also had computer issues today and I know I will need to upgrade soon.  It was funny that the computer reset the time, then the date.  The time reset to the past, then the date reset to the future.  This was fascinating because both the time and date were specific numbers that are personally significant to me, and I had to take actions so there was no way I would miss these numerical sequences.

A few minutes ago, I chatted with a neighbor at the mailbox.  He stated he had just returned from a six week trip through a bunch of states and saw a lot of places he had long wanted to visit.  I mentioned he was the third person I know who took a long journey like that this summer.  I never went more than three hours from home this summer because friends and family visited Oregon.  As a result, I toured many close to home sights, twice in a six weeks, that I haven’t visited in recent years because they are right here and when we plan an adventure we usually look beyond our own backyard.

So the message to me today is:  passion and success are journeys and success in the past fuels new passions in the future.   The key to passion is paying attention to what makes you feel good, the key to success is the actions taken, and both expand when you connect with people close to home and around the world.

The universe has acknowledged that all is good with my world, and my goals, and I intend to sing along.

Thanks for your comments.

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