Rest and Renew

I had a busy weekend!  Christina Katz presented an empowering workshop for writers.  Her high energy is inspiring.  I bought her book Get Known before the Book Deal and I have flipped through it.  There’s a ton of good information in these pages even for after the book deal.  🙂

A few hours later, I gave a short presentation at a dinner following a golf tournament, because the participants are donating 80% of their proceeds to Make-A-Wish of Oregon.  I’ve been an Ambassador for M-A-W a few years and have enjoyed every event I’ve been able to attend.  This was my first time as the primary speaker and it was a challenge.  I thought I would be speaking to a room full of women.  Instead, this group golf tournament raises money for organizations that benefit women and children.  But it is a group of men, mostly geeks with lots of money and big hearts, who like having a noble reason to get together for fun and beer.  For me, the speaker, expecting a room of women and realizing I’d be talking to an entirely different audience, it was good I arrived early and had time to mentally switch gears.  It was fun!

Today I got adjusted by my chiropractor.  She knows me well.  She closed the door on the treatment room and looked at me.  “What’s the story this time?” she asked.  “I had the grandsons last week.”   She laughed and went to work on me.  It was the most aggressive treatment I’ve ever had.  When she was done I could touch my toes, move my arms.  I asked her, “It was just the extra activity, right?”

She studied me then nodded.  “You’re not in the flow,” she said.  I immediately pictured a gentle waterfall washing over me.  So I rested a little this evening, and got into my zone even though I’m out of practice.  But I settled into it and relaxed for a while, then got back to work.  Eventually I checked the blog posts I follow and messages sent.  The reminder was clear, Polly posted about getting into a daily mediation practice, Mike posted about gratitude, and Trish & Rob posted about Dr. Emoto’s new book on messages from water and the universe.

Yeah, yeah.  I get it.  I’m feeling like a racehorse at the gate, I’ve got the bit in my teeth and I’m ready to run.  But I’ll just be burning a lot of energy running in circles.  And I’m old enough to know better.

The universe is always tossing messages at us humans.  It’s good to rest and renew so we can hear them.  This is my greatest challenge.

My mind is always ten steps ahead of where my body will take me.  But since I’m not totally clear on who my audience may be, I have to pause and step into the stream.  Let the water flow over me.  Rest.  Renew.  Relax.

Then the story I choose to tell will be the right one for my audience.

Whoever they may be.

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