A new story begins

Yesterday I woke at 6 am with the thought I needed magazine pictures for my storyboarding process. While the coffee perked I was out in the driveway in my robe, digging in the recycle bin.  Fortunately the bag full of magazines was within reach, barely.  I didn’t have to climb in.  A neighbor was walking his dog on the street.  I’m sure he’ll be too polite to mention if he saw me, at least to me.

As I settled on the couch, with a cup of coffee and scissors, I despaired.  They were writer magazines, full of text and a few years old so mainly black and white.  My fiction style is light contemporary romance with a touch of adventure in boats & aircraft.  My characters have esoteric or mythological interests that flavor their speech.  What pictures could I find to inspire me from writer mags?  Oh well, couldn’t hurt to look.

I hit pay dirt in  The Writer, I was in a flurry of cutting faces and graphics.  Author pictures are great because authors have a certain flair to their persona, intelligent expressions, and often a smirk.  Oh yeah, I could populate books with these faces.  Suddenly a few pictures shouted, “Here I am!”  OMG!  I know these characters – from the story yet to be written – can’t remember all the names – I’ll check my notes.  Maybe I’ll change names.  In the beginning, everything is only the spark of an idea!

Enthusiasm has bloomed, creativity sparked!  It feels good.

2 thoughts on “A new story begins

  1. rose lefebvre

    I love the idea of using pictures for the characters in the story board. I had not heard of that one before. You are a creative spirit.
    And thank you for the nice compliments on my photography on my blog.


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