Full moon tonight

The moon is awesome in the sky, and looks totally full, but I think the actual full moon may be tomorrow.  Yet the full moon is a few days of building energy and another day or two winding down.  Our eldest daughter works with the public, she’s an optician.  She stood on our deck this evening as we watched the huge moon rise above the trees.

“Oh, a full moon.  That explains today.  Everyone who came in today couldn’t see, and most of them came in between 4:30 and 5:00 when my brain was already drained.  I was able to fix them all, but why always at the end of the day?”

On Sunday I was at a baby shower, there are a lot of babies in the family this year.  Two already in the world, two more incubating.  One is scheduled to make his debut at the end of January, the 4th baby this year if we go by the seasons instead of the calendar.  A girl in the spring, one boy at the end of summer, one boy due in the fall, another boy in winter.  Except that winter baby will be born in San Diego and I’m not sure how much the seasons matter in that climate.  🙂

My astrologer sister tried to explain the cycles of the moon to me.  She was very excited about lunar energy not being a two week transit from new to full.  The moon cycles are actually more on a six week schedule (I think!) and have phases that resonate to the nine energy times four.  Or something like that.  I remember one time she was really excited about the 36 year cycle.  I wish I had some notes about it. I can easily track dates and events during the past nine years, that were the result of choices and actions taken the previous nine years.  If it matters, I’ve got it all written down – somewhere.  I’m a writer, it’s all written, but what matters is today.

We can all be caught in long cycles because the stars don’t move as fast as technology and babies still take nine months in the womb before they are born.  I know there is a greater lunar connection in our lives than we can imagine.  It’s all part of the grand dance. This thing called life.  Much of it is mystery, most of it is miracle.

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