The process

At a Powell’s Books author event on Friday, I confessed to my friends how nervous I am about starting a fresh, new, fiction project.   Fortunately these writers  have watched the roller coaster ride my life has taken since 2003.  They understand my trepidation, my concern about having ruined my storytelling skills, after these years of nonfiction.  We all agreed it was time I begin a new story.

My writer toolbox of skills and style has expanded during these years,  and today I was contemplating my process.  Which I don’t have.

I wrote by the seat-of-my-pants in the past, full of passion for the characters and potential adventures, without a theme in my head.  Writing memoir and nonfiction these past years demanded I organize, shape, and bring purpose to each page.  I’m determined to bring what I’ve learned to this new story and plot my conflicts, and plan the heroic journey, before I write a word, or, at least until Friday.   That’s when the new computer arrives.  A desk is on back order and is another ten days out.

This weekend I’m planning a flurry of mind-dump writing in hope I’ll get a clue who my characters may be.  I’ll probably read a book or two.  The writing process can be 90% perspiration to get that 10% of inspiration.  So it’s time to perspire.  The timing is good, I’ll be full of fresh ideas and potentials while attending the Emerald City Conference next weekend.  I’ll also be renewed with camaraderie which is the lifeblood of a creative spirit.   Story doesn’t come to life in a vacuum.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

2 Responses to The process

  1. Jessa Slade says:

    What a wonderful way to start a new project! New computer, new desk, forward-ho attitude… Check, check and check 🙂

    No way have you “ruined” anything. Storytelling — whether fiction or nonfiction — is about using words to bring life to life. Every word written is another step along that path.

    See you at ECWC!


  2. good luck with the mind-dumping! I hope things evolve.


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