Exercizing the Muscle

“I’ve got this great idea for a book.  Let me tell you about it and you can write it…”  I’ve heard this more than once and I smile and answer,  “I’ve got too many of my own ideas.  Ideas are the flash, it takes about a year of daily dedication, and about six drafts, to write a completed novel.”  Today I began exercising my flabby idea muscles.  I found they weren’t as out of shape as I thought.  🙂

I have so many awesome books and workshop notes on writing commercial fiction that I decided to begin with one and do the exercises all the way through.  No More Rejections, 50 secrets to writing a manuscript that sells by Alice Orr is my choice.  Secret #2:  Keep the Idea Muscle in Shape.  It was fun and the inspirations really began after I pushed myself past her 10-15 minute time frame.  I’m in better shape than I thought and wasn’t satisfied with a short workout, instead I wanted to feel the burn.

In the blogs I follow, one message was repeated today.  Here’s Sarah’s story and it represents how writers are doomed with creative minds that can often send us off on life tangents with wild enthusiasm.  But alas, writers are happiest when writing and when we realize we hate biology it’s time to stop cutting up frogs.

I’m a sassy domestic drama storyteller.  I don’t do pirates, or thrillers, or murders.  Well, the murder potential has appeal but not in this book, that I know of, at this stage in the brainstorming.  We’ll see, I’m off to begin contemplating Secret #3: Get Into Trouble.

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