This past weekend was wild with conflicts; melodrama, secrets revealed, sudden storms, people in peril, slander, laws broken, legal actions taken, and a whole lot more.  I also went kayaking on a pristine inland lake and floated with large fish in the shallows.

My fiction brainstorming exercises went well too.  The dozen pages I drafted this weekend are revealing characters I’m excited to get to know.  I will dig deeper into the essence of these characters as I contemplate, and create, the struggles they will face as their story evolves in the weeks and months ahead.

But I’m also distracted at the variety of conversations and actions I’ve observed within a small community of neighbors.  Whew!  What research!

I have to ruminate about these true-life events, and the people who took the time to write an extensive letter full of words which was distributed to many.   It’s a story that is comparable to a very personal event I endured in 2006, while we were settling our parents estate.  Months of letters were exchanged where one aggressive agenda was being shoved onto myself and siblings.  There was no regard for us, our lives, our goals, our families. The needs and intent of the one were deemed more important than what would benefit others.

Today’s events are not so personal to me.  In the buffer of time and distance I’m appreciating my role as an objective observer.

I’m also learning about villains.   They truly see themselves as heroes of their own story.

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