It’s all about…

There were over 250 attendees at the Emerald City Writers Conference and I think every one would have a different answer if asked what it was all about.   It’s the networking, the pitching, the workshops, the craft, the books, the baskets, the speakers, the friends…  It wasn’t about the food, which was pretty good.

I anticipated this conference as an important activity to reconnect with my goals, as a writer, and have a great time with friends I seldom see except at this conference and online.  I got so much more than that.  I got answers to ethereal questions and concrete directions for my professional agendas.  The writer’s mind has to be trained to operate in both dimensions, we have to dance in the ether for ideas and operate in the world of words that include legal documents affecting our annual income.

It’s all about entertainment, I heard at one workshop.  Yet this same speaker gave an amazing and insightful presentation that would rival a year of therapy with a premier psychologist.  It’s all about the marketing – was the message at a workshop on the book that will never sell – that is now a book being shopped across continents and as film.   It’s all about your author brand – was the reminder – three best-selling authors explained as they revealed they each have a very different set of rituals and requirements when they sit in the chair to write.  It’s all about the writing and the voice was the message from agents and editors.

It’s all about – a decade of dedication, and a million words, and thousands of pages, to become the over-night success, and the darling of the moment, to again face the blank page the next day.  Because writing is all about making a connection with the reader.  The reader is searching for something that entertains and inspires them.  The reader desires a good story.

The reader has a need; desire, hope, goal, or the reader is enduring a trauma; loss, illness, life altering event.  And just maybe your idea for a story (as a writer) is just what the reader needs at that moment in time.  The reader doesn’t know or care about your path as a writer to create that story, (three to five years ago) or the journey you took, as the author, to get that story available for the reader to find.

The reader just wants the story, and the voice, when the reader needs it at that point in time when – they need it.  The connection between author and reader crosses all barriers of time and space.  That’s what it’s all about for me.

This weekend I reconnected with a core truth.   If the story is good, and told well, that story will transform the lives of readers at the time when the reader needs it.   Time and space become irrelevant when the book an author wrote five or twenty years ago, is the one read today when the reader really needed that story.

I’ve been that reader, I’ve read that story.

It has helped me become who I am today.  I’m a writer because that’s the energy I want to pay forward.  I want to author that good story, so it’s available, when that’s the story you want to read.

That’s what it’s all about – for me.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

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