The age for romance

One primary choice an author makes is the ages of the characters.  In my WIP I have a 29 yr-old-heroine and just introduced the hero who is 27.  I have  reasons for those ages based on their life experiences and the specific baggage they bring to the story.

Tawna posted an interesting blog about character ages and the comments reveal readers will choose to read about characters of certain ages for various reasons.  Another blog post today clarified the Saturn-return-aspect as a good choice for character ages because of the transformational energy.   I, and many people I’ve met, do have a personal-big-change-story that happened right around our 28th – 31st birthday.

Mike’s post on the “Sixth Sense between Soul Mates” is the goal of a romance novel.  Two characters with lots of baggage struggle to achieve the promise of that psychic connection and when the conflict is done the story is over. 

I have my own opinions about soul-mates (and maybe that’s when the real story begins) that took a whole memoir to illustrate so I won’t say more about it here.

However, to read three blog posts on one day (out of about 40) that speak directly to my focus that day means – pay attention.  There’s a reason for these sparks to my psyche.  Maybe it all relates to another post about manuscript marketability, which is important to consider with a new project that requires an extensive investment of time and effort.

OR maybe these were little encouragements to stick with my writing and remain on task in spite of stuff in my life this week.

OR maybe I’m to pay attention to the ages of two women who are facing huge changes, this week, one is 29 and in the victim role of a court action, the other is 54 and the villain in a court action.  I’m connected to both stories because of Ed’s involvement, which also plays into the psychic soul-mate scenario since we’ve been married for 30 years.

What I think this all means to me is:  it really is the story that matters because romance begins at any age and has the potential to become a true love story.

But, we need to be pay attention to the truth of our relationships because those pesky planets may have a bigger story for us to tell, or hand us extra baggage to carry.

Thanks for your comments.

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