The Set Up

Yep!  There be a desk here! It is assembled and in place.  Directly above my keyboard is the template of Michael Hauge’s Six Stage Plot Structure.  It’s fun to be writing the SetUp of my WIP while setting up my new office.  Now that I have the skeleton of Chapter 2 complete I’ve chosen not to mess with my kitchen cupboards but begin Stage II-New Situation (Chapter 3) because I don’t know what Turning Point #2 will be, and I want to find out.  🙂

Feng Shui recommends that shifts and changes should be small, one-at-a-time so the chi energy embraces the new with gentle affect.  While this process is death to a novel, it is important in real life.  Take my word for it, years ago during my Feng Shui enthusiasm I messed up the chi in every room of the house and we all felt we were walking sideways for weeks.

Enthusiasm is my personal challenge (others would say – patience!) and I can see my journey as a writer fits nicely into this Six Stage Plot except, unlike a novel, the journey is over 10 years long.  Jessa Slade has stated it took her 10 years and a million words as a writer to become a published author.  Delilah Marvelle and Jane Porter have comparable time lines so I feel I’m in good company.  Last night I outlined my ten year journey with a focus on what happened in life and how it impacted my writing.  It was interesting and showed me that no matter what conflict and drama occurred in my life, I soon saw it as research and returned to the chair, hands on keyboard, writing story.

The climax and final turning point in my journey as a writer was probably a series of events this summer that have manifested in my new office and desk.  It is beneficial my sisters and family are able to tamper my enthusiasm and remind me that I am a writer and a writer writes.  This takes place in quiet and comfort with the correct tools and huge chunks of time.  (Patience!)

So I’m not chucking the foundations of my life to join the Peace Corps or Red Cross Disaster Relief Services, and I won’t run off to live in an ashram or tent city in the tropics.  My current characters probably won’t either, at least not this year, this WIP.   But now that my office is set up, and my new project is taking shape, I can give attention to those physical, social, and soul nourishing, daily activities that enrich a writer’s life.

Tonight it will be our 2-yr-old grandson’s birthday party.  We got him an Elmo Airplane to ride around the house.

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