Secret 25

First draft status update:  I’ve worked through the first half of the 50 Secrets.  Secret 25 is “Putting You in the Picture from Page One” and completes Passage 5 – Well Begun Gets it Done.

I’ve written to the end of Act I, (Turning Point #2 – Change of Plans).  Now it’s time to pause and review, edit and add, reshape and twist.

November is NANOWRIMO and I plan to meet the word count even if it’s a bit of a mind dump mess.  It’s 1,667 words (6 pages) per day, every day, and writing total crap is allowed.  While I don’t sign up as a participant, many of my writer friends will also take the challenge privately and we’ll be cheering each other on to get it done.  When I’ve done this in the past, it was great fun and I got all kinds of cool ideas for the story-in-process.  That’s my aim!

This is why I’m pausing to edit Act I.  The more layers and details fleshed out now, the more productive the free-flow-writing will be next month.  (I also have a cold/flu today which makes me groggy.)

I reviewed the pages drafted so far and will share that my initial skeleton of story is a lot of talking heads.  Over 30 pages of dialogue with the occasional glimpse of an elbow, some hair, a knee.  There are 3 dresses described in the opening scene but no other clothing in the following scenes that take place in different locations and times.  Note:  what was worn at a wedding is not the best choice when placed in the saddle of a horse.

Aside from non-clothed bodies and floating heads, each setting is no bigger than a hall, doorway, or part of a table.   That’s probably why a sofa appeared in the pages yesterday –my hero needed a rest.

My characters are revealing themselves to be interesting and dynamic, or will be when I cover their bones with muscles, skin, and clothes.  I’ll attach heads to appropriate bodies, fire up their nervous system, and pump blood throughout.  Then I’ll put them in motion and let them sit, stand, and have facial expressions in mood appropriate settings.

It’s thrilling to feel story creating into words on the page.

2 thoughts on “Secret 25

  1. Hey Rose,
    Why would you bother with that much words on a page? You’re a poet and nature photographer.

    You give us a story in an instant with one picture that us novelists only hope to achieve through dedication to words on a page for a year. You also overlook that your photos are what inspire us to keep slogging on…


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