A tangled web

I haven’t had one clear thought in my head since Saturday, instead I’ve had dozens of crystal clear insights and none of them are connected.  This is what’s called “creatively not writing”.  Jessa Slade coined the phrase, or at least I heard it first from her.

Since my recent posts have been about beginning the first draft of a novel, check out Jessa’s post about being done with Undone.   This is an often heard story about completing the novel to meet the deadline; the all-nighter weekend with toxins, and yet we live to write another day, and soon begin to write another book.  (Now I know why Jessa hasn’t responded to either of my two emails about a newsletter article.)

Astrology has also flavored my days, which is the message of this Venus retrograde cycle that has been strong all month and won’t begin to let up until 11/18.  The theme of this transit is – everything related to Venus; love, marriage, money, your values, and your desires, are front and center for review.  Venus is transiting backward through Scorpio, home of the deep secrets, the depths of the oceans, your darkest psyche and passions.

How’s it all working for you?

I attended a great astrology talk by Mark Dodich that was geared to people like me who have enough skill to be dangerous and the wisdom to keep it to myself.  Except, I did do natal chart analysis reports for two friends on their request.  I did warn them I’m not an astrologer but they were highly pleased and amazed at how spot on their reports were.  This is good to know but it was nerve wracking to do such for real people, especially since we are working on a marketing project together.

Which is another topic of insights that pop up when I’m trying to focus on something else.  Between myself and my two friends we have over 50 years of professional experience in different areas of marketing.  Our project is to set the record straight, and create a worthwhile process for authors, through all the noise in cyberspace that shouts success as an author is all about social media.  NOT!  It’s about the story.

Writers by their very nature as creators of story, with one word at a time, must be able to survive the silence and isolation where the muse can be heard.  It’s a totally different personality type that easily orates from a podium.  Julia Quinn is the perfect example.  Her books are great, her fans adore her and she is a really nice lady, but she’s not happy in front of an audience.

Which brings me back to Venus.  I’m reviewing everything in my mind; my passions, my talents, my dreams and desires.  I am revisiting dreams that were set aside that are again within reach, and those dreams are more potent now because I took a different path and see the value of that journey.

I’m also at the the end of the 1968 section in Esperanza and I am debating turning the next page and returning to 2008.  Do I want to read forward?  Or do I want to return to the beginning and reread and savor the set up of story all over again before I know – what happens next – or The End.

This has never happened to me before, as a reader.  But the desire is strong to stop mid-way through a story and return and review.  The story and writing is that good, to me.  I want to sit and savor it all again before I move forward.

I want to write a story like that, one so good the reader doesn’t want it to end.


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