the past is present

For reasons related to universal truths I don’t understand but honor, WWII is again my focus.  In this quaint and powerful story letters almost 60 years old are powerful for those who handed them off from one to the other.  A soldier who didn’t want to remember WWII returned a letter to a woman who never connected to the dad she never knew, until now.

Also, this past week, I posted a letter from my dad’s WWII experience to a website of a friend, Kristina McMorris, who’s written a book based on her grandparents WWII letters.  For me it was sort of weird that my dad was on one of the ships that repaired American ships after the occupation of Japan, and Kristina is a decedent from residents of “occupied Japan”.  We both live in Oregon and are part of the same romance writers organization.

The layers of synchronicity are a bit intense and delightful!

Kristina wrote a book that would never sell, then transformed it into a novel that crosses continents and will become a movie.  I wrote a memoir I’ve also been told will never sell, and it’s not about WWII.

But, the energy is similar because Kristina and I both believe in a similar truth.  The value of what was is powerful because it has created what is.

Never underestimate the power of an ancestor with a good story to tell.  It should be remembered and honored.

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