Happy Halloween

We saw Clint Eastwood’s HEREAFTER which was well presented and enjoyable, though neither spooky or paranormal, in my opinion.  The layers of the three stories and how they converge at one point in time was fascinating.  The beauty of Mr. Eastwood’s films is always in the richness of full characterization and poignant settings, he has a masters touch.

There are two points that I have found amusing in reviews read previously to seeing this movie and one is that it lacks controversy.  Actually, the only potential for conflict was in the fictional book written by Marie Lelay called Hereafter: A Conspiracy of Silence and a movie based on that book might have delighted movie critics.  Instead, the three main characters have no doubts about the potential afterlife and are more interested in validation and what to do with their clarity of something so profound, while living their ordinary lives.  Even 12-yr-old Marcus is sure if he just finds the right person, he’ll be able to talk to Jason.

The other point made in reviews is that Eastwood didn’t make a greater effort to portray the afterlife beyond a bright and blurry energy.  Yet that is the consistency of any recount, no matter where on the globe, of a near-death-experience.  I’m glad nothing more was done on a 2-D movie because even if he gave it a shot, the best he could do was create a 3-D pictorial.

I personally have a comfortable understanding of the 4th dimension of time as being a non-linear energy yet very relevant to how we operate in our 3-D lives.  It’s not easily explainable but does include my awareness of my ancestors; and how they lived, and who they were, and what actions they took, and what priorities they claimed, as all being integral to who I am today.

Even if I only follow a straight line of who-begat-who there is still a wealth of transcontinental and historical events that shaped dozens of wacky characters I call my personal ancestors.  They lived through wars, famines, and the industrial revolution.  These generational layers have been combined through me into my daughters and grandsons – with the addition of all those physical, social, and spiritual layers from their fathers.

That’s just the 4th dimension of TIME.  The next step and simplest approach is that death/afterlife is only one dimension higher, into the 5th dimension.  How would that look in a movie?

And that’s why we don the wildest costumes and splurge on candy or grog for Halloween.  It just makes sense.  Being a normal human is too hard to imagine and virtually impossible to portray.  We are HERE and the AFTER can wait.

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Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

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