Day One

For my first day of NaNoWriMo I beat my daily target goal and wrote 2604 words, and they are not crap.  Whether they will be actual scenes in a novel can not be determined at this time.  🙂  I’ve done this before so I know the beauty is in the discovery of new words and scenes every day.

There are a few talking heads but they are also attached to an occasional body part and they exist within a setting that includes sights, smells, textures, and tidbits.   The majority of the action took place at a table during a meal but there was tension, story twists, and revelations.  The ante has been upped.

I also met a new character.  I had no idea who she would be even though I placed a picture of her on the storyboard.  I wasn’t sure why she was there and have no idea what role she will play but by pushing myself to write without agenda today, she appeared fully formed so I’m looking forward to what other appearance she will make.  There are other pictures of people and things on the storyboard that are a mystery to me and I wonder what I will discover.   In the months ahead I’ll decide if what I discover has merit but for now the thrill is within the unknown.

Before I began writing this morning I read something online that pissed me off, big time.  I wanted to pause my schedule and work on a blistering vent against the advice posted for writers going into this novel-writing-month.  Instead, because it is NaNoWriMo and that’s the priority, I stayed on task though a few times I did pause and consider the words I would use to flay that very wrong advice, and maybe that energy is what helped me not write crap and I’m not as inclined now to vent.

I also know it’s really early in the process and I intend to be past the midpoint in two weeks so I can make the target word count before deadline.  I know how easily it is to be thrown off track, which was what I wanted to state in my vent that was unwritten today.  All it takes is a phone call or an email and suddenly life spins off on a new tangent.

There’s always something more important in the moment than a novel that hasn’t been written and may never sell.  But there is nothing more important than following the call of your heart, to live the life that fulfills you.

That’s what it is for me.  I love story, I see story everywhere, we are all a story full of passion; themes, dramas, fears, grief, loss, joys, and choices.

And we are always facing the unknown.

Thanks for your comments.

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