Day Two – It’s a game

No, I will not write a daily blog about my whole 30 day process.  That would really be boring since the story will begin to take over and without sharing that story, posts about it would be silly.

The NaNoWriMo process has the flavor of a game.  Gaming, from FarmVille to World of Warcraft, has become a new culture of its own.  Gaming is a really alien world for me because I’ve never gotten into one.  But I’ve listened to talks about gaming and gamers and know, from having worked with gamers and game designers, that these are intensely layered and interactive stories.  The stories are even transformed by players creating their own systems of cooperation, motivation and reward, within and beyond the game.

University studies are being done about the brain stimulation from gaming to be applied to education and business and more.

While I don’t know the percentage of people on this planet  who say they want to design a game, I have heard the statistics that 85% of the adult population admits to a desire to write a book someday even though only 1% even try, and less complete one, and less become published.

So what NaNoWriMo does is let that 85% have the outlet and community support to write enough words to fill a book.  There’s the reward of seeing the totals, there’s the groups that form to cheer each other, and more.  I first learned of NaNoWriMo in 2001 and now there are t-shirts and coffee mugs.  All those who have the desire to write a book someday can do it in November.  It’s now an annual game.

For myself, and my fellow writer friends in Oregon, November is a good month to dedicate to words on the page.  It’s dark and rainy and there are more months ahead for the edits before the weather clears and sunny days return.  NaNoWriMo is the first draft stage of a new story and the required daily word count is to challenge ourselves.  While NaNoWriMo allows crap written to meet word count, writers don’t waste their time with crap.  Writers know it’s not the total of words it is the story and the better the story is when it begins the easier it is to edit.

Today I had the option of total silence, no interruptions at all.  I did begin my day reading online news and found myself irritated again.  Not enough to vent but enough to be amused that maybe that irritation would be good to keep me on track.

Yeah, that not too irritated and no interruptions scenario was good.  A whole chapter was created today.  When I downloaded the text to pages and let the word count calculate I was very pleased to see the page count was 10 and the word count  – 4422.

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  1. WOW! That’s a lot of words!!!


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