new moon in Scorpio

The new moon is often forgotten because there’s no moon in the skies but this moon phase carries initiating energy.  Scorpio rules the 8th house of the zodiac and is often associated with death, transformation and regeneration.  If you’re feeling morbid for no reason don’t worry, it will pass.

Last night my brother-in-law celebrated the birth of his 4th grandson, then he got word that his brother died.  This is a pretty dramatic circle-of-life experience and I’m sure he’s having an emotional day.

This year I’ve had news of many deaths as well as 4 new babies in our extended family.  (Another baby is due in January! *)

On Monday we’ll celebrate our oldest grandson’s 8th birthday.  In the months before he was born a few events threw my life into a transformation cycle and the past 8 years have included many deaths, accidents, illnesses, and also weddings, births, graduations, and other changes in our family dynamics.

This Scorpio moon was in the final waning degrees when it activated my natal moon before becoming “new”.  In my astrological chart this is in my 4th house, which represents my home, my emotions, and the foundations of my life.

So I’m in a weird moon phase of mind today.  I also see the collection of 8’s and 4’s as being a good sign that the transformation stage of my life is ending and new foundations are in place.

* That baby due in January will be the 5th in less than 12 months.  These are my sisters grand-babies.  🙂

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