Venus Retrograde

In a recent talk I attended, Mark F Dodich’s explained the energy of this current Venus retrograde and it is all about review, revision, rewrite (in our lives) all that we haven’t dealt with regarding romance and finances.  As I listened I knew could have given him a much stronger story than his example of a duct tape fix on his bathroom plumbing.

Then he said something about it being an 8 year cycle.  I don’t know what that means, how that works and have no need to research it.  I do know that 8 year comment struck a very strong chord for me.

Yesterday was our grandson’s 8th birthday and like women do, I contemplated that day he was born.  My lifestyle at that time was so beyond my worst nightmare it’s a good thing I was almost too busy then to notice.  But Polly posted about anger and how to deal with it, so those 8 year old anger issues were triggered.

From a much happier place, with new potentials already evolving in my life, and a new story in the works, I was able to remember my anger then and a lot of the triggers I’ve personally experienced.  Anger used wisely is one of the most powerful energies at our disposal.  Anger directed from a place of fear is the negative aspect of this because it promotes the fear.  But anger at injustice or complacency is the catalyst for transformation and will create a phoenix rising from the ashes scenario.   This is one of the best creative tools in our arsenal.

8 years ago I had only a glimmer of awareness regarding this understanding of anger.  And as I posted on Polly’s blog, aptly titled “Imperfect Spirituality,” the road to mastery is not a one shot deal.  We get plenty of opportunities to practice.  We also face many triggers that let us revisit what we thought – was.   So under this Venus retrograde I’ve had the fun of being triggered and now know the energy of what I felt the month prior to my grandsons birth (and many times in the past 8 years) wasn’t anger but rage.

Rage is a whole different energy and my rage had nothing to do with the birth of my grandson but was triggered by other events that were in process in my life at the same time.  Rage is impotent.  It’s not fear based though it is in the anger energy family.

At this semi-enlightened stage on my personal journey toward mastery and compassion to myself and others, I’m fascinated to realize I used anger energy to dilute my rage.  This is awesome stuff for a writer to understand.  So I’ll have to play with all these ideas for a while and see how they manifest in the stories I have yet to write, and the decades of life I have yet to live.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

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  1. I hate anger as it drains all your energy.


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