2011: What the Numbers Mean

Here’s the article I wrote that’s published in Sydney Omarr’s Astrological Guide for You in 2011.  Pick up your copy today.  🙂

2011:  What The Numbers Mean By Terri Patrick

With each New Year, a new energy comes into flavor, from the shift of numbers.  Numerology melds beautifully with astrology.  The Tarot, The Kabala, I-Ching, and many other systems and philosophies, resonate with mirroring energies to each other. All of these, and more, are tools to help us on our journey, to living the life we choose to live.

Eleven is a master number that carries the energy of enlightenment and illumination.  This energy brings light to the shadows so all the nasty pests and rodents will scurry out of your path.  The number 11 is an image of equality and duality.  The number 11 may look like parallel 1’s, but the separation is an illusion.  The number one resonates to the energy of the Sun, which doubles the illumination of light this year. The action energy of the number one is – initiate.

The number two resonates to the energy of the Moon, and symbolizes partners, union, between dual energies.  Yin and Yang must be in balance to create a sphere.  The Moon governs our emotions.

The enlightenment energy of eleven, in union with the duality of the number two, urges us to bring balance to the creative oppositions in our humanity. Examples of creative oppositions are between black and white and male and female.  There’s a full rainbow of colors between black and white.  There’s a full spectrum of energies between the male and female of any species, whether plant, animal or insect.  We get an illuminating dark-light example of this every month with the new and full moon.  Keep your eye on the sky, and pay attention to when the moon is waxing or waning.

Twenty carries the energy of – Awakening!  Through the experience of events, while living life, we could have a powerful epiphany, which creates new purpose, plan, and ambition.  An epiphany gives us a feeling of being ready to transform the world, which is always possible.  Except, the challenge of the number 20 is the need for patience.  Our illuminating idea, today, we want to manifest into reality, yesterday.  The idea is a seed that needs to be planted and nurtured, and will grow at its own speed.  Plant those seeds.  Begin now!

All of these number energies resonate together, on a global scale, this year.  The power of this energy is enhanced, as we personally honor the message of 2011, in our daily lives.  The objective for this year is to watch the moon and know it is low tide here, high tide on other shores, and the tides always flow.

In Numerology, the numbers are always added together to achieve a single digit between 1 and 9.  The full date 2011 adds together to a single number, and primary energy of the year, the number 4.

An ancient school of thought says the number 4 resonates with Uranus, the planet of innovation, and unexpected events.  Another school of thought says the number 4 resonates with Earth, the planet of stability and endurance.  The action energy of the number 4 is associated with building foundations, and work.  Work is action with purpose.  Understanding the work that matters to us will promote personal happiness in our life.

In summary, the numerological message of 2011 is:  Our actions with purpose is to plant seed ideas and build foundations, to illuminate how our duality can be brought into balance personally.  This flows into the global energy and the various systems in society; economic, environmental, entertainment, etc., can be in balance.   Astrology and many other spiritual systems promote the soul opportunity for many life journeys.  Keep that in mind when living responsibly with Mother Earth this year, we want a healthy, beautiful world, now, and for our next journey.

2012 adds to 5.  Five is the number of change and resonates to the planet Mercury, (the trickster).  Illuminate the balance of duality during 2011, especially if the 2012 Doom Machine is getting too much attention.  Take my word for it, humans will be on this planet for many more centuries.

We have all chosen to live in the energy of the year 2011.  Celebrate!

Pick up a copy of Sydney Omarr’s Astrological Guide for You in 2011.

Correction:  Terri Patrick lives in Oregon. 🙂

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