Halfway Update

My NaNoWriMo focus has garnered 25K words on the page though not in direct narrative style.  Sometimes the writer has to pause, regroup, research, and revision.  Sounds like Venus retrograde energy. 🙂

But my focus is not so much word count as first draft.  Larry Brooks at StoryFix.com is only one of many authors who has issues with the 50K words intent for November as being a waste of time and energy.   So if you are in the NaNoWriMo focus, take a pause and review some of his posts to see if you can revision your story at the midpoint.

My pause was multilayered because of the POV characters.  One has a romance novel tone, the other has a women’s fiction tone and I had to rethink a few things about my target genre, audience and the overall length.  Length is specific to subplots since this WIP is related to another WIP and a whole cast of characters interweaving through the same event and space.  So I have a lot of handwritten scenes and outlined ideas that are also not in my 25K word total.

There was also something missing in my characterization and decisions needed to be made regarding story time and place, and character essence vs. identity.   Fortunately, this month’s workshop was presented by Carolyn Zane and Wendy Warren.  Using the movie EVERAFTER (THE Cinderella Story) they revealed how layers of “visions for a better life” remained unchanged, infused depth and emotion into this classic tale, and kept the character true to their soul in spite of story goals and conflicts.

That workshop was on Saturday, on Sunday I spent 3 hours with my daughters while our bride-to-be tried on a dozen wedding dresses.  I went right from bridal focus to Santa focus as I picked up the first installment of letters from the Macy’s Believe fundraiser for Make-A-Wish.  Both activities infused me with warm and fuzzy feelings which made me decide to stick to the romance aspects of my WIP.  (at this stage!) The beauty of creating story is those ideas not right for this project may find a home in a different format.

So I’m back on task, writing narrative.  My story binder has fattened  with astrological charts (time), elements from Chinese Astrology (identity) and Feng Shui (place), and simple “visions of a better life” statements for most of the main characters (essence).

This pause has also revealed why I put some of those pictures on my story board.  There are many more images that are still a mystery but it’s back to words on the page and I’ll see what appears.

Happy Writing!

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