The Stellar Shift

Retrograde planets have been the theme for months but they’re done – for now.  Whew.  🙂

Let’s all savor this moment of release from being energetically paused and tweaked backward when we really just wanted to move forward.  Let’s ignore that Uranus is still being eccentric and dabbling us with sudden surprises and changes.   There’s even a blue moon on Sunday.

My sister sent me a card with a partial cartoon face depicting aggravation and the quote:  “Somebody HELP ME!  I’m channeling my mother and I can’t stop!”  Oh yeah, I can totally relate to that sentiment – and our daughters will someday be repeating this litany.

It’s good for my daughters that I will begin a new job this week.  The idea to apply for this job was like a flash of insight from Uranus one day – and included two months of delays – while my inner child has been tweaked with decades of memories bobbling around in my head.   I’m prone to bursts of enthusiasm so the delay has been good.

I finally attended training and new-hire orientation sessions this week.

It’s good to learn new skills and sometimes I had to giggle at how what I was learning was so in tune with what I liked the most about jobs I’ve worked in the past.   Except with this job, as a Seasonal-Help-Sales-Associate at Macy’s, it will be commended when I wear huge Santa earrings and break out in song along with the cheezy holiday music piped through the speakers.

As I waited with two dozen others for our final session, the store manager walked into our group and was introduced.  It was revealed he often sings along to the holiday songs as he walks through the store.  He has golden pipes.  Mine are rusty from lack of use over the years.  It’s time to get out the scouring pads and start singing again.

“Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?”

2 thoughts on “The Stellar Shift

  1. You’ve got quite a good voice! I’ve always wanted to visit the Macy’s store, may get there one day. I remember reading that the founder supposedly said that ‘people shop at Macy’s because people shop at Macy’s’ – it always stuck in my mind. Good luck, enjoy!


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