bring in the new

Well, my NaNoWriMo goals got sidetracked with a new job for me and finding a new home for our daughter’s family.  These events happening in the same two week span disrupted my creative flow with details, discussions, and time-clock requirements.  The potential for future sassy, domestic dramas on the page is awesome.

Not only did I survive my Black Friday weekend experience in retail, I thrived and had fun.  The energy was super high and the noise deafening but I knew the secret was good shoes.  Years ago, I bought a pair of great clog shoes just like the ones my girls wore during their jobs as servers in restaurants.   My clogs looked worn, dirty and brown, but I pulled them out of the bottom of the bin, dusted them off and polished them black.  Voila!

In my experience items of quality that are forgotten in storage but for some reason not discarded, will return to a new purpose.  These old shoes were the foundation of my new adventure in the world of retail.  This is mirrored in the new home search for our daughters family, the foundation of their home matters as much as a good roof and appliances.

So while my word count this month has fizzled mid-stream, the potentials and layers of future stories is a delight.  I also know my process well enough to foresee events on the calendar where my job will be routine, and my grandsons content in their new home.   I may have failed at the NaNoWriMo challenge this year but what is on the page has the potential of being a good book during the long winter nights ahead.

4 thoughts on “bring in the new

  1. Yes, I’ll continue the story. My characters began surprising me and creating all kinds of interesting story points. As soon as my new life-points settle, I’ll be back to creating this story. The life-stuff is research. 😀


  2. Vonnie Alto

    I don’t think you failed the challenge. You increased your word count, garnered new ideas for your current and future stories, and most importantly you moved forward as a writer. You also had new experiences which is so important for a writer. You had a lot of distractions to deal with and it sounds like once things settle down, you’ll be able to regain your writing momentum again. Don’t beret yourself for not being a super writer. I think it’s more important to be human and to have experiences to draw upon as a writer than to write on empty fuel. The experience of a new job and finding a home for your daughter’s family ultimately will make you a better writer. I’d say that you did the best you could. You participated in Nano. That is an accomplishment. As you know, NaNoWriMo awards various levels of participation with badges to display proudly on your site and to continue to motivate you. For your situation, the challenge has been delayed not failed. Write on!


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