Holiday energy

The day began with a wake-up phone call from my husband who is visiting his parents in Ohio.  He was calling his mom to update her on his schedule for the day and he was confused why I didn’t sound like his mom.  He called the “home” number programmed in his phone, which rang in Oregon at 8am instead of the home he hasn’t lived in for 30 years.  🙂

But it’s all good, my sleep schedule is off because of my new job and I needed the wake-up to get ready for a holiday party with my Romance Writers group.    I had prepped a special treat to take and needed to assemble and bake it, which became a comedy of errors and issues so it didn’t look good but tasted great and was the first empty plate on the table.

At the party, Kristina shared her relief that her deadline for her next book was extended and she could now rest and enjoy the holidays.  She had posted on FaceBook, earlier this month, the wrong ages for her little boys because she was tired from focusing on writing her second book.  I’d teased her about blinking and realizing she was suddenly mother-of-the-groom.

I mentioned that my horoscope for today was about that balance between the personal and professional aspects of life.

“…  Do you need to give them equal attention in your life? …[perfect balance is futile.] You have to put your life in order of your priorities. Separate your personal life from your career, and spend more time with the people you love. If you create an imbalance, it’s for all the right reasons.”

But I am no longer a young mother and all the people I love are actively involved in their careers, relationships, passions, and many even live in different states.  So while this horoscope advice may be good for some Taurus women, for me it is silly not to have an imbalance where the professional focus is greater.

I feel that blending my personal and professional energy works better because both require a different flavor of skills.  Problems arise when there is an imbalance between gratitude and gripes, demands and decorations.   These change while on the journey of living life through many decades.  The dynamics of who you call “mom” can change too.  🙂

Yesterday I decorated my home for the holidays and the space is ready for when Ed returns and we get a Christmas tree even though I wonder if there will be any presents under it on Christmas Eve to be opened on Christmas morning.  There are no stockings for Santa to fill and I no longer set out cookies and milk.

After the holiday party today I was at the mall, not to work or shop but to meet my youngest for an early dinner and pick up the Macy’s Santa letters.  This is my 3rd year as the Make-A-Wish volunteer who gets to handle the energy of wishes sent to Santa that benefits the children eligible for a granted wish.  While I don’t read these Santa letters, or really do anything more than count them, I love touching the energy of wishes and the attached belief in generosity and magic.

In my life, that’s the energy that has always stayed the same.  No matter how things change, or age.  Generosity and magic, gratitude and decorations, have always been well balanced in my life.

Celebrate your belief.


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