For Writers

There were some fun posts today to share for writers, or those who know one.  Jessica shared that at artists, entertainers, and writers are in the top 10 worst careers for depression.   Fortunately, Larry Brooks shares a dirty secret to put your story on steroids.  Trust me, this is great advice and I dedicated two quarters of my recent college experience to these techniques.

The practical business side of writing was also represented in the blogs I follow today.  At Pimp My Novel – Eric explains the basics of BISAC.

The good news is, my retail experience at Macy’s has been a double plus.  To counter our potential bi-polar and depression tendencies a writer needs to socialize, people watch, get a steady paycheck, and exercise to avoid that spreading butt.  My butt is firming up nicely.  🙂

Plus two is:  I’m also absorbing the basics of retail and this is huge because – no matter how many years or how much angst and blood I put into a book I create – when it is published my books will be retail products.

What I’ve learned in recent years chatting with many published friends is – a writer needs to master the craft first, understand the business second, and bring it into balance.   However that will look for each story.

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