I survived and thrived

I finished my last holiday retail shift last night.  My husband is still in a state of shock over the time and energy I’ve invested for minimum wage, and the hours I’ve kept  with midnight shifts!.  But I’ve enjoyed the experience and plan to continue to learn more about this wild world of retail.  🙂

I know that my wage is not my value.   I’m also blessed to not need “my wage” to pay for my lifestyle though I want it to fund my writing business.   I was concerned that my body was not up to the task of the job I gave it.   But while physically tired, a bit sore in my feet and stiff in my joints, I did the job with flare and had fun.

I sort of feel like I was a “Dancing with the Stars” contestant where I chose to put my body and time on the line to compete and while I didn’t win the mirror ball trophy, I did make it to the finals.   I’ve pushed myself past physical boundaries and totally disrupted my routines.  I’ve had to be efficient about my diet and energy, what I do and how I do it.  What I set aside.  I am so not into stress and the Christmas Cards are now ready to be mailed…

However, our girls are thrilled I called them to Macy’s for a shopping spree with a dollar limit.  We’ve handed out cash for years but this year I figured out that dollar limit and my discounts and let them pick their own stuff.  I’ve now wrapped what they chose and tucked it under our decorated tree and I feel like Santa Claus.

This past week I also found myself waking up from sound and refreshing sleep, brimming with ideas and a burning desire to write stories, and happy to go to work.   Of the two, I can attest that working retail at the holidays is lots easier than writing stories.

I also totaled up the receipts and am highly amused at the details.  I saved $200 from coupons, with a total savings that exceeds the cash spent even before my employee discount.   But what’s even more important is that a numbers person like me (with strong accounting skills) can see the cost of an awesome annual gift exchange is no more than what is spent monthly on things that are of no interest to me.

The difference is – this annual gift exchange tradition is infused with the spirit of generosity and enhanced with hospitality.

Generosity and hospitality are totally my things!

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

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