Happy 2011

The ball has dropped, the fireworks have quieted, toasts have been made and kisses exchanged.  We’ve sung songs to the memories and resolved to improve.

The frenzy of our annual holiday ritual is over and the decorations will be tucked away for another year.  Within a few days the routines will return and it will seem like nothing has changed.  Sometimes it feels like the only new thing is that calendar on the wall.  This is false, but it’s hard to prove because the new energy is subtle in comparison to weeks with a packed agenda and deadlines.

Everyone I know had something change in their life during 2010, many were big life events, and many of my friends and family have big life changes on the horizon in 2011.   None of these took place during or because of the recent holiday season.  But this holiday season was significant for me because not once did I experience a conversation that questioned the point of the ritual pause to celebrate.

Maybe it was just an energetic shift in my life but this is the first year in my memory where I didn’t have at least one person deliberately try to burst my holiday happiness with a grumpy, “it’s just another day” or even a debate about the “waste of time and money”.   That means 2009 was the last year I dealt with party-poopers trying to steal the fun from my focus.  How cool is that?  I did not know, then, it was the last time I’d be surprised by negativity strong enough to take the glow off my smile.

Which means, this is the first New Year in many where I truly faced the energy of transition from one date to the next with a sense of contentment.  It’s such an awesome feeling that I wish it for all of you.

I wish you all in 2011 – contentment!


2 thoughts on “Happy 2011

  1. rose lefebvre

    I sure hope my new year will have contenment as well as peace, joy and a little more prosperity. Also better health for those I care about.


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