Do nothing day

Today was a wonderful start to a new year with no agenda all day beyond hauling the garbage to the street for pick up in the morning.  I had that chore done by 11am.  Then I chatted with my sister for a about an hour.

For the long weekend, Ed and I picked up a collection of movies to watch, only one of which I will recommend.  The others were OK for their genre but either the story was too subtle or the action too wild.

WALL STREET – Money Never Sleeps -was too subtle as the new version of Gordon Gecko and I kept wanting to remind Mr. Douglas that in the interim between movie 1 and movie 2 there’s a new Gecko on the scene that has changed the flavor of the name and I think about auto insurance instead of high stakes finances.  Such is the power of marketing.

THE EXPENDABLES was almost a good farce of the macho action movie except it stayed true to the story and none of the characters crossed the fine line into farce.   Which made it more appealing.  I really liked this riot of violence and mayhem and the cameo appearances were fun.  The characters were strongly drawn and rather interesting.  Even during the high violence, blood splattering, crumbling castle, and fiery explosions in the final part when the knifes are flying and guns blazing, I could keep all the characters straight.  The good guys wore black.   For fluff entertainment (if you’re into brutal machismo) it was really well done.

Fortunately we finally took the time for a second view of AVATAR (and a third).  We saw it when it was first released and knew the story was classic hero’s journey structure but the special effects… wow… And we’ve watched a few “How it was made” documentaries about the technology to portray the paranormal in 3-D.   But it’s been so many months since I saw this movie I was swept up in the fantasy and pacing and characterization, and STORY.

So I had to watch it again the next day.  Ah, the colors, the world building, the passion, the story…

Since I studied screenwriting for two quarters, I can watch a movie and be fascinated by the craft even when the story is a dud.  I can’t do that with books.   So it was a good writing lesson for me to closely watch three such out of my genre movies this weekend.

Stepping beyond the familiar is always good to shift our perspective.

Maybe we need to step back for a day and do nothing to promote our agenda but take out the trash.

One thought on “Do nothing day

  1. I think we should all take a day out and do nothing – and getting rid of the rubbish/trash is symbolic too.

    It’s also good to slow down for a day: to drive below the speed limit, to walk slowly around the town, to let others go first and to open doors for them and so on. Can feel very meaningful.


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