New Resolutions

We are not New Years resolution people in my family but it’s not because we don’t honor the tradition.  Instead we have always considered February as being a much better time of the year to assess when whole life improvements need to be made.

There’s really nothing else going on in February and it has the bonus of being the last gasp of winter while the days are getting longer.  Resolutions will benefit from being mulled over and tested prior to the first day of spring.  It feels right to begin a new cycle with the spring equinox.

Of course there’s a lot of astrology and historical traditions that support this spring time frame for initiating a new story for your life.  So our New Years resolutions in my family, if made at all, can be as powerful as  “I will wear socks tomorrow.”

Even so, I did intend to rise this morn and put my energy into story projects that matter to me and need my attention.  Instead we had an early morning chimney fire that was high drama for over an hour but only impacted our life with a really clean chimney and a prayer of thanks we have a metal roof.   There was no need to call in the fire fighters, or even turn on the hose, but the potential was there.

When the chimney fire story was over, and we were in the resting stage of that drama, the phone rang.  I’ve become sensitive to phone calls in this age of email, sound-bites, and tweets.   Phone calls can seem nice and chatty but also herald huge transitions in the story of our lives.  I’ve had a few where the phone call didn’t seem like a big deal at the time, but …  and I’ve had many others where the phone call was huge.

Today’s phone call was one of those- maybe this news will matter in the future- maybe not.  But I was distracted enough so I couldn’t quite get focused on my fictional stories and projects and instead chose to help someone else with their story project.  This is always good work for a writer because it engages the reader perspective brain cells.

I’m also fighting the current crud condition of stuffy, dry, dripping, coughing – and had the high drama bathroom experience of no fresh TP rolls in the cabinet.  At times like these it’s good when there’s someone else in the house to hear you yell.

In many ways I could look at today as being a total bust before lunch.  I had more dramas in a few hours than you’ll get in a week on a soap opera.  Yet this is common for me as some days are rather wild, other days are productive.

In February our oldest daughter will be in her own home. She’ll wake on March 1st, her 30th birthday, living a dream she’s dreamed for a decade.  Her life story will begin a new phase and I’ll smile that day knowing she’s going to learn one of the greatest lessons of life.

She’s going to learn the beauty of contentment.

In story-world, this essence of contentment is what’s labeled as the HEA – happily every after.  Many consider it a fantasy.  I know its attainable.

Contentment is something that needs to be recognized and embraced with both hands.  See it.  Feel it.  Know it.

Life is a whole different story.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

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