the new face of self pub

Today Nathan posted The Tablets are Coming.  Like him, years ago I imagined reading a book on something like these tablets.  I haven’t seen one quite like I envisioned but the size is right and what I’ve seen makes that dreamlike image almost tangible.  I have no idea what book it was on that reader, maybe it was one mine.  🙂

I’ve only played with an Ipad in a store for a few minutes.  That was enough experience to know it was not for me at this time but still exciting for the potential technology this year or next.  It’s inspired me to consider how I truly want my memoir to be presented to readers.    This means I can take total control and create it as I believe it should be even if reader technology isn’t there just yet, it will be.

I’m motivated to begin the final stages of polish and professional attention on my memoir, but the pesky planets have been messing with my stars.  There was a lot of hype through astrology world about the retrogrades in 2010 and especially the Mercury one that ended on New Years Eve.  Now that everything in the skies is in forward motion it’s been a wild ride on earth.

Today I felt like I was juggling four projects, with numerous interruptions, for a week, by 2:30 this afternoon.  While important and interesting projects, none of them are mine.   Yet it was fascinating to be involved.  So tonight I checked the astrological transits to my chart and all the energy of today was clearly reflected!  It was very satisfying to see in a picture of glyphs on a wheel that today was a powerhouse of energy.  So I can relax.  The planets move every day, and every year, like the seasons and dates on a calendar.

When I’m reading fiction I don’t want pictures (or anything!) to intrude on the story.  It is the stark simplicity of nothing but text on a page that sparks the creative brain cells of the reader.  This two-dimensional format for fiction makes the stories easier to translate into different languages and cultures.  It’s also easier for both the story and the reader to travel through time and space.

But memoir is a different format of writing so I have to consider the presentation.  The intent of memoir is to connect with and entertain the reader but it is not for an imaginative journey.  Memoir is a sharing of truth and sometimes a picture tells a huge story, like this one Ed and I got in August:

As on my blog, so too in my memoir.


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