the waiting pool

This new year of 2011 has come in with a bang for many I know personally.  My daughter is waiting to move into a new home, a friend is waiting to hear about a new job, and I am waiting to see how the new structures I’ve built will evolve.  This is New Year energy going gangbusters.  🙂

The number energy of 2011 is all about new foundations.  But it’s more than that because of what the numbers mean.

2 is about partnerships but this is not just the romance/relationship energy.  It is also about how we partner with Mother Earth, how we partner with our community, and how we partner with our careers and our personal home environment.  Since that 2 is actually a 20, the energy is enhanced so we consider all those partnerships can become a solid circle FOR our foundations.  Work, home, friends and family are all parts of the circle and we want the energy to flow all around the circle of our life.   We are not supposed to consider ourselves as carrying a bunch of buckets where we put pieces of our self/life.

If you’re hauling buckets where each carries a different label (goals, dreams, money, career, home, label, label, label…)  imagine yourself dumping all those buckets into one serene pool  with a simple label – ME.  ME is a multidimensional being.

11 carries the energy of illumination and enlightenment.  Your individuality is what needs to be illuminated and enlightenment comes from understanding your duality, those things you consider your positives and negatives.  So put those spotlights on your pool of ME and realize there are no shadows.  Whatever baggage has worked for you in the past, dump that in the pool too.  It’s your ME pool.  Look at it, it’s swirling with all the colors of the rainbow.

It’s your choice whether it’s a wading pool for your toes to splash and your ankles stay dry, or a deep abyss you’ll never fully explore even if you dive in and can breathe underwater for decades.   The point is – with the 2011 energy – we have an opportunity to partner all aspects of our individuality into a balance that works for us.

There is also a benefit to the wait.

While we wait and test the waters of ME we bring what we thought were our positives and negatives into a happy partnership of ME.

Fears and baggage are as important as goals and dreams.  They are just different labels on the buckets.  Toss them all in the pool then splash around and have fun!

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