Back in the flow

I’m finally back in the flow of writing fiction as my primary work.  Yes, there is still work to complete on my memoir but I’ve got the right editor for that project.  Yes, I am still working with two other ladies on starting a marketing business targeted to e-pubbed authors.  Yes, I plan to remain a player in the magic of Macy’s.  Yes, there’s lots of stuff in my life with deadlines prior to April.

April is the target goal for having my contemporary romance novel whipped into shape for professional attention.   Fortunately I love this story enough to rewrite it again, that’s why I know it’s worth the effort.  It’s a story that’s stood the test of time.  The characters are still real and I can’t wait to see how they handle the new challenges I’ve set before them.

Actually, there’s a whole cast of characters and a whole series of sassy domestic dramas that have been percolating through the years since these characters first introduced themselves in 2003.  Fortunately I’m an exceptionally organized writer so all the notes, outlines, spreadsheets, graphs, and story boards are fleshed out.

Tomorrow I meet with a new critique group and will hand over the first two chapters for their review and comments.  This is a primary support network for a commercial fiction writer and the monthly schedule increases the motivation to get new words on the page.

It’s putting words on the page that I love the most.  Yes, the crafting and brainstorming is exhilarating but it is creating and working with the words on the page that I love.  It’s hard work to make those words into a tight, clean and compelling story that entertains a reader.

But that’s what I love to do and it is time to get this story polished for a broader audience of readers who love an emotional journey with uplifting ending.   Readers like me.

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