home hysteria

Our oldest is moving into her new home on Saturday.  She’s been in the same apartment complex for 11 years, and has less than pleasant memories of living there.  She and her boys are moving to the town of her dreams, into a beautiful and well constructed 3 yr-old home, in an awesome family neighborhood, with all brand new appliances.  The mortgage will be less than her rent has been for years.

However, the loan papers have not yet arrived at the title company.  The address was wrong and the papers had to be redone or they would have been there last Friday.  The address was listed as a “road” instead of a “street”.

The appliances are scheduled to be delivered on Thursday, and Oregon has a 2-3 day lapse between when the papers are signed and when the new owner can have the key to their home.  I don’t know how many other states require you to wait for days after purchasing, to be allowed access to your property.

So while I’m sure everything is going to be wonderful and the worst will be a few days of hysteria, it would really have been nice if there were only “roads” or only “streets” in that town and this issue would have been spotted weeks ago.  And even though it is a street, there is no road with the same name.

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2 Responses to home hysteria

  1. rose lefebvre says:

    I am glad we did not have that problem. Our problem was things discovered on the home inspection and we were the first owners of a new home! Some of it got fixed, and before it was all done, our builder died! So we had to pay for our own fixes.


  2. terripatrick says:

    The worst part is – the address was correct in all the early paperwork. Tons of other things were wrong, but the address was right. So in the final docs, it got messed up.

    Knowing about this strange delay between purchase and possession, things were scheduled with days of buffer time, but the street to road glitch has negated all buffers and brought tension to that final wire.

    Those that mess with the happiness of my family will never win. That’s a given.


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