No one deserves this more

I had an early shower on Saturday because of the planned activities of moving our oldest daughter into her new home. Yet while my hair was still wet, the day had already begun. There was a truck and trailer in our driveway to pick up the new washer and dryer. Her friends were not only committing their time and resources to move our daughter, they were excited to do so!

“No one deserves this more than Theresa.” Her friend Ashley said it more than once in those few minutes.  Then they were gone and the work began.  Ed and I played an active role in the preliminaries of our daughters new home, and invested some time and a little cash, but were not actively involved in the hauling activities of moving day.

We were in the new home for about three hours when we got word the moving-out was done!  Less than an hour later the silent and empty house was teeming with people.  Nine adults were involved in the moving-out of the second floor apartment and eight were on site for the move-in.

The first point on the agenda was to give everyone a tour of the rooms, where things would go.  Again I was treated to the sentiment that “no one deserves this more” (an awesome home) than Theresa.  But after they toured the space they sang a different tune.  Theresa’s new home was so-much-more than they expected and she not only deserved it but had earned it.

The excitement level rose as they all tucked into the task of hauling stuff out of the trailer, cars and trucks.  Theresa’s friends and family were almost euphoric to do the work to get her into a home of her own.  In the space of time, her old life was cleared out in three hours.  The new one is now timeless.

Theresa didn’t have a ton of stuff, even though she’s the head-of-household for five.  Two women and three boys will live in this four bedroom 2.1 bath home with no yard.  It’s a newer development with parks and walkways close to a bubbling town.

It truly is such an awesome change in Theresa’s life that it’s more than a chapter in her life story, it’s more like a whole new book.  And that’s got me thinking about some often tossed out phrases about the value of a life.

It’s not easy to determine how much value you’ve brought to your life until you see how many show up for your memorial service.  I’d like to present a new measurement.

The value of a life isn’t at the end when your achievements are listed in a eulogy.  Instead consider how many will show up on moving-day.  Then consider their motivations to do so.

More than a dozen people paused their personal goals and agendas to get our daughter out of her old life and into her new potentials.   They became more thrilled to be a part of the transition as the hours and work progressed.  How many of us can say the same?

Is there someone in your life you’d put everything on hold to help?

A dozen people stated that our Theresa is one of those they were thrilled to help her transition into her new life. Because no one deserves this more…

We are all a bit sore and tired from the activities of the move but – so glad to have been an integral part of what will become a new and vibrant story.

All of us that know Theresa- trust that her energy is awesome.  Now she’s in her new home she can shrug that insecurity off her shoulders and become the woman she desires to be for herself and her children.

It’s truly an honor to be her mom.

Thanks for your comments.

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