February potentials

February is the month I like to contemplate the potentials of the coming year.  It’s the time to make resolutions and dabble with personal goals to test how I will feel when they are accomplished.

There’s a lot of How-To advice to live your dreams and one is that the more specific you make your goals, the greater potential you have to achieve them.  These goals have to be broken down into manageable tasks within a reasonable time frame.  These goals should also be something within our control to achieve and not dependent on the choices of others.

In commercial fiction characters have very specific goals.  Then the author makes sure every one of those goals are lost or destroyed to see how the character changes and grows.  The goal achieved at the end of the novel truly is what the character wanted, they just had to get all the specifics out of the way.

One of my favorite plot devises is the ticking clock where there is a tight deadline.  I love to raise the tension for the characters as they strive to beat the clock and avoid a crisis.  Then sometimes, because I can (as the author), I will avert the crisis some other way and deflate that adrenaline rush.  The authors job is to take the character from identity to essence so the real dream is achieved instead of the anticipated goal.

When my daughter realized her dream of owning her own home was within reach, during the house hunting exercise she pulled out all her specifics about the home she wanted including the amount of yard work, and the schools her boys would attend. Then she decided when she would make her choice of available options.

I told her to release all her specifics and imagine she met her time frame and to think about how she felt that day. I told her to feel every sensation about her home, the location, and schools. It’s not easy to release a dream that has been carefully built and refined for years and focus on the essence of the dream as the life to live. But within days after our conversation the actual events brought her into something so much better than she dared to dream, and it is now reality.

Which makes a great story but doesn’t really help the rest of us create manageable goals for ourselves. Fortunately, Polly has a great post today with clear instructions on how to begin with morning rituals. I plan to spend the month of February getting back into those morning rituals that work best for me and plan to add that early hydration routine.

I’ll also add Tawna’s advice on taming the beastly to-do list.  I have mastered most of them but not all, or as well as I could.

While my daughter’s home-purchase experience has been an amazing story of the Law of Attraction on steroids, Mike posted a visualization story that took 14 years.  So don’t be afraid of or expect too much from February as the month to set goals and align your potentials for the rest of the year.  February is always the shortest month, and it returns every year.

About Terri Patrick
Writer of Romance and Memoir. Life is an adventure, take that journey.

4 Responses to February potentials

  1. Thanks for stopping by Terri. Enjoyed your post here today. I’m also taking on the a.m. hydration routine. Makes sense. 🙂


  2. terripatrick says:

    I always drink water first thing, while the coffee brews. But it was usually only a few ounces. Now that I’ve been doing half liter amount it really is nice.


  3. The business community say goals should be realistic, time bounded and specific. I see now why I was always the odd one out back in the days when I attended such meetings. It’s good to forget so called realism and aim for something more – but at other times going with the flow can be good too. It all depends on intuition and what feels right (which is another thing my business colleagues didn’t like). Interesting post.


    • terripatrick says:

      I also attended meetings like those and would often giggle (silently!) at the motivational words and phrases used. Like “think outside the box” – when no one could explain the box. Another one was to “leverage for greater market share”. HUH? It’s good to laugh out loud now.


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