Trash Cans

The garbage collection services arrived at my daughter’s new home to drop off the trash cans and recycling bins.  The delivery man was surprised and amused as this dynamic woman skipped out to his truck and was so excited to receive 4 separate bins for trash, yard debris, cardboard and plastics, and glass.

Who gets excited over the storage for the debris of our lives?

As we listened to her relate this story Ed and I smiled, then we explained why she should keep these bins outside and not in her garage.  She was surprised because of her concern that if she left her trash bins outside people would come by and dump their trash in her bins.  We gently pointed out that – she no longer lives there…

It was an euphoric moment for all of us to know that those days of her life are now past. And it was appropriate for her to be thrilled to have her own trash and recycling bins.  She’s no longer making-the-best-of-it for herself and her sons, where she was.

I told her she deserves it all because she truly appreciates what it means.  She never gave up on the dream, and worked her way through nightmares for years.

As her mom, I’m so proud.  For years I watched and wondered.  I was ready to do whatever needed to be done.  I have no problem being the meanest-mom-on-the-lake as she once labeled me.

Instead I’m delivering new bath towel sets, to her new home.  It’s not as dramatic as new trash bins but it will feel good every time she steps out of the shower.

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