Super Sunday

The family had a variety of plans to watch the Superbowl and I wished them all good luck that their team would win, then slipped off to the mall. It was my first shift at Macy’s since the “seasonal help” season ended.

While I trained and began with the seasonal help, I was hired into the Flex system and this meant I didn’t have a manager or specific slot. Instead I picked up what shifts I wanted, anywhere in the store. It was great fun!

The termination rumors swirled in mid January and the human resources manager assured me that all seasonal help would have two weeks off until the new budgets were approved.  Managers would then call those who were requested to return with a start date of Jan. 30th.  Those who got laid off were told to reapply in a few weeks, just in case.

Well, I never got a termination letter but thought it was because I just slipped through the cracks.  I also never got a call.  My ID and password was still active in the online system so I decided to pick up a shift and see what happened.  I also hoped my employee discount was still active for those sets of towels.  🙂

That last week of the holiday retail season I felt bad for a lot of the people who had been great teammates in the chaos.  As the flurry ended, many avoided looking each other in the eye.  Managers who were thrilled to see me in their departments for weeks scurried away from my smile.

It was a delight to realize I wasn’t a seasonal hire, I’m a flex employee, which means I can still pick up shifts whenever they are available and if I want to work them.  I found this out when I reapplied and was denied as being an active employee. So I walked in the employee entrance on Sunday.

Everywhere I walked in the store, I was greeted with big smiles and the assurance my co-workers were thrilled to see me and glad to know I had made it through the massive lay-off.  So even though I was in the department I like the least, I had a blast going to work instead of to a Superbowl party.


2 thoughts on “Super Sunday

  1. A fully fledged flex employee – how great is that!

    Though it is sad here in the UK seeing people being laid off from work – can cause problems in smaller towns with the knock-on effect. As for Superbowl, it doesn’t get much of a mention over here. Not my cup of tea.


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