World Peace?

I’m fascinated by the news from Egypt. I’ve heard/read prophecies of peace in the middle east occurring in my lifetime. Here’s one delightful prediction given at the United Nations:

At this moment, as we speak in this year of 2009, in this month of November, I speak of the potentials on the planet. [This is Kryon giving a “date-stamp” on this channelling for future readers.] There are several old-energy dictatorships that occupy the energy of those in the big rooms [the Grand Assembly] and they’ll go away by themselves. [These are dictators who have a legal seat in the Grand Assembly, as leaders of specific countries and members of the UN.] You’ve seen it before, and they will topple themselves, simply because they will be totally out of touch with the reality of what their people want. Their old energy will catch up with them, and their own people will remove them. You have seen this before in several countries in the last 20 years.

Now in today’s news:

From the oil-rich Gulf states in the east to Morocco in the west, regimes both pro- and anti-U.S. could not help but worry they could see a similar upheaval. Several of the region’s authoritarian rulers have made pre-emptive gestures of democratic reform to avert their own protest movements.

The lesson many took: If it could happen in only three weeks in Egypt, where Mubarak’s lock on power had appeared unshakable, it could happen anywhere. Only a month earlier, Tunisia’s president was forced to step down in the face of protests.

It is very appropriate today’s events took place on 2/11/2011, 0r if you prefer 11.02.2011, no matter how you arrange the numbers the message is  about illumination on duality and enlightenment on partnerships.

Whatever happens on a global scale in the weeks/months ahead will be fascinating to observe. The whole story may take generations to understand as it has been written through generations past.

Will history show a revolution was organized, fought, and won, by tweets?

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